Restaurant C-Suite Magazine

Washington, D.C.-based Eatery Pulse TV News Network  announced a national expansion coming in July, bringing its specialized food industry content across multiple formats in digital, web, audio, and video. The cornerstone of its national news web broadcast will be Eatery Pulse TV and Restaurant C-Suite Magazine, the network’s first publication for restaurant executives across the country. Eatery Pulse TV News Network is part of Eatery Pulse News Media, a fast-growing information services, consulting and content marketing firm.

The announcement of the network’s first national publication, Restaurant C-Suite, and its ultra-premium 4K UHD web broadcast, comes on the heels of the one-year anniversary of Eatery Pulse News, a digital foodservice publication covering restaurants in the Washington, D.C. market. Executives and management in the restaurant industry will benefit from a growing library of highly-meaningful news and content tailored for them, in addition to highly-curated news briefs and goings-on in the world of restaurants.

Restaurant C-Suite will debut in July and national Eatery Pulse TV content in August. All D.C.-local web-broadcast programming will be produced by the Swizzle TV team and shown on that channel.