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The Washington, D.C. market is becoming the place to experience cuisine at its best. It’s a hotbed of design, concept and culinary innovation. But Metro-D.C. isn’t just for foodies—it’s also a great place for restaurant and culinary innovators to realize their dreams and build businesses. These innovators, and the larger industry of vibrant restaurant owners and operators, deserve tools to succeed. Eatery Pulse News Media is here to build that toolkit for restaurateurs, streaming information on local best practices, industry news & events, and operational insights on their nearest desktop, laptop or smart device.

The trade magazine, online video news network and direct-services platform known as Eatery Pulse presents a thoughtful and robust dissemination of current trends and consumer behaviors. We’re building a fresh, focused and inspired source of trade news, insights and best practices for the local restaurant industry.

While the region is experienced increased recognition, many challenges remain for restaurant owners, operators and executives. There are increasing economic pressures to the financial model of restaurants, including rising labor and real estate costs. An onslaught of marketing and technology tools are making the promotion of restaurants and the engagement of its customers more complex, but potentially more rewarding.

Consumers are expecting more technology to improve the restaurant experience, and they desire better, cleaner food, with more authentic, artisanal appeal. At the same time, competitors to restaurants in the form of nontraditional retailers, including convenience stores, grocers and technologists, are increasing their market share and growing. These are important topics that restaurant owners, operators and executives seek to be addressed in a concise, stimulating and visually-appealing manner.

We invite you to experience our news show, magazine and educational events, and tap into our robust information services.

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